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Q. What are the benefits of receiving CIRI training and certification?
A. It will set you apart from your competitors by giving you better skills to protect the health of school children.

Q. What is the difference between the three levels of certification?
A. Custodial/Cleaning Technician training is for those who perform custodial/cleaning work in educational facilities. The class will be 2 hours.
Cleaning Supervisor/Assessor training is for supervisors of techni­cian-level workers. Training course includes instruction on conducting building assessments and training Technicians and guiding them toward certification. The class will be 1 day.
Clean Standard Instructor training is for those who will conduct training of Cleaning Supervisors/Assessors. The class will be 2 days.

Q. When will training classes be offered?
A. Custodial/Cleaning Technician and Cleaning Supervisor/Assessor training will start in January 2014. Clean Standard Instructor training will begin later in the year.

Q. Where will classes be held?
A. The dates and locations of training classes are flexible. Classes can be open to anyone or they can be privately offered to a single organization.
Please contact CIRI if you have an interest in attending or sponsor­ing a program in your area.

Q. Is this one-time training?
A. After taking the initial classes and obtaining certification, refresher training will be required every two years.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Technician: Initial training is priced per class rather than per student. Certification fee is $25 per person per year.
Supervisor/Assessor: Initial training is $425 per person. Certification fee is $75 per person per year.
Instructor: Initial training is $895 per person. Certification fee is $125 per person per year.

Q. Are discounts available?
A. Yes. CIRI membership discounts of up to $25 per person (Supervisor/ Assessor and Instructor) are offered, as well as $25 per person dis­counts for more than five people from the same organization in a single class.

Q. How do I get started?
A. Have Cleaning Supervisors/Assessors trained. Supervisors/ Asses­sors will be primarily responsible for oversight of complete building assessments; Online courses will be available for Custodial/Cleaning Technicians. The online course will specifically address the details and importance of the Clean Standard Account Registration

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