Science Advisory Council

The Science Advisory Council is a permanent committee of the Institute, intended to provide advice and feedback on crucial points of research, and help define the orientation of projects with regard to the interests of the industry. They have oversight of any research publications, be they a peer-reviewed journal, refereed electronic magazine or other format. The Scientific Advisory Council is composed of five (5) appointed cleaning science experts appointed by the Board of Directors for a period of (3) years.


Dr. Steven Spivak, Professor Emeritus of the University of Maryland, is the Chairman of CIRI's Council. Spivak received his PhD in Polymer & Fiber Science and has spent the last 30 years as a consultant and technical advisor with the Restoration Industry Association (RIA). He writes a monthly technical topics column in Cleaning & Restoration magazine and has done so for 25 years. (Biographical Information)


Other SAC members include:

  • Dr. Michael Berry* - PhD in Public Health; author of Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health, Berry spent 27 years with the EPA. (Biographical Information)
  • Dr. Marilyn Black - PhD, Chemistry; founder & Chief Scientist at Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (Biographical Information)
  • Dr. Gene Cole - Dr. P.H., Biohazard Science/ Occupational Health; Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, Brigham Young Univ. (Biographical Information)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Scott - PhD, Microbiology; Co-Director of the Simmons Centre for Hygiene and Health in Home & Community, Simmons College.
    (Biographical Information)


In addition, CIRI will look to its members for researchers and scientists who can serve as adjunct advisors to the Council, to help with identifying and quantifying the research that has been, or needs to be, done.


* Dr. Berry the first Chairman of SAC now serves as a special advisor to CIRI. Account Registration

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