CIRI-Affiliated Experts Contribute to Paper Examining the Impact of Carpet on Indoor Chemistry and Microbiology

January 29th 2021


Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) Executive Director, John Downey, and Science Advisory Committee member, Karen Dannemiller, PhD, recently contributed to a peer-reviewed paper published in the scientific journal Building and Environment. The paper, “Ten Questions Concerning the Implications of Carpet on Indoor Chemistry and Microbiology,” looks at the role of carpet and rugs and their overall impact on the indoor chemistry and microbiology of the indoor environment, focusing on five specific areas: 1) indoor chemistry, 2) indoor microbiology, 3) resuspension and exposure, 4) current practices and future needs, and 5) sustainability.


The “10 Questions” paper came out of a workshop hosted by Dannemiller that was held at The Ohio State University. New research findings were presented that explored the important role of carpet—both positive and negative when not properly maintained—on indoor environments. Downey commented, “The more we understand about carpet and its properties, the better we can design indoor environments that contribute to the health and welfare of building occupants.”


Click here to view “Ten questions concerning the implications of carpet on indoor chemistry and microbiology.”

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