CIRI to Conduct Second Information-Gathering Survey

February 14th 2011


ALBANY, NY (Feb. 14, 2011)—The Cleaning Industry Research Institute International (CIRI) is pleased to announce the release of its second survey designed to help organizers further develop pertinent, topical information for CIRI's upcoming Cleaning Science Symposium, “Green Cleaning & Science.” The event will be held at the Georgia Institute of Technology Conference Center in Atlanta, April 27-29, 2011.
"The results of this second, more in-depth survey will help us define specific topics to be examined throughout the symposium and allow us to get a better feel for how our industry perceives the science of green cleaning. The event’s interactive format will set the stage for a colorful debate among invited panelists and attendees on the relationship between clean and green,” explains  Dr. Steven Spivak, Chairman of the CIRI Science Advisory Council. “The questions focus on the relationship between these two issues and were derived from data collected in the first survey,” added Dr. Steven Spivak, Science Advisory Council Chairman.
The program will focus on cleaning efficacy, health and hygiene implications accruing to or absent from green cleaning and the green movement. Panel discussions will address the following topics:
  • How will the success of the “green cleaning” concept be measured?
  • Where is the balance between “green cleaning” and “cleaning for health?
  • What are the environmental, economic and health benefits and tradeoffs associated with cleaning programs “going green?”
  • What research is needed as the basis for green labeling and certification?
  • What will “green cleaning” look like in 10 years?
To register for the symposium, contact CIRI at (888) 285-2474, (518) 690-0479 or visit
For more information or to participate in the survey email CIRI at [email protected]
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