CIRI Goes International - and Sustainable - in a Big Way

July 12th 2010


Albany, NY — Members of the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) International’s Science Advisory Committee (SAC) recently traveled to Europe and Latin America where they were featured speakers at ISSA Interclean forums. 


Dr. Steven Spivak, SAC chair and professor emeritus at the University of Maryland, and Dr. Eugene Cole, professor of environmental health at Brigham Young University, played major roles in the events’ science and technology programs.

Dr. Spivak’s presentations at the ISSA Interclean 2010 meeting in Amsterdam drew a diverse international audience. As the opening speaker at Interclean Europe’s seminar on sustainability, he addressed the growing worldwide business focus.

“Sustainability is going well beyond clean. It is moving more toward sustainable facilities care and a broader business approach with a basis in managerial standards and industry best practices,” he explained. “This vision also represents CIRI International’s broad-based and unbiased approach to cleaning science and research. CIRI is placing renewed emphasis on international relationships and partnerships with global industry leaders and associations, such as ISSA.”

Dr. Spivak’s Interclean Europe presentations dealt with sustainability, cleaning science and technology and cleaning for health. These topics were refocused for the Interclean Latin America’s multinational audience. He also used PowerPoint presentations that were translated and interpreted into multiple languages, including Spanish.

Dr. Eugene Cole’s feature presentation at ISSA Interclean Latin America focused on cleaning science measurements and research and outcomes leading to cleaner and healthier school environments. Prof. Cole summarized CIRI’s world-class research and gave the first in-depth report on their findings in the area of developing a clean standard for K-12 schools.

CIRI is linking diverse aspects and market trends that have been substantially altering the cleaning industry over the past decade. These include cleaning green and environmentally preferable or “green” cleaning products and services; LEED certification, green buildings and sustainable design trends; and green building operations and maintenance.

“These connections highlight CIRI’s innovative partnership with ISSA with regard to cleaning science research that leads to an ISSA clean standard for K-12 schools,” notes Jim Harris, Sr. of Janitronics Inc. and CIRI chairman. “CIRI is tying all these aspects together under the banner of cleaning green, cleaning healthy and clean science research and measurement.”

CIRI will be reporting on its major research accomplishments that are based on intensive, multi-year studies in conjunction with a large U.S. urban school district. The Institute’s extensive research team involves three universities, a specialized IEQ research laboratory and an international team of scientists and statisticians. This team has been testing multiple indoor surfaces and diverse school microclimates. The result has been a voluminous and comprehensive database that will provide unequivocal bases for clean standards and measurement.

With the initial focus being on youth and schools, the data are being statistically analyzed for soiling and microbiological profiles, IAQ and IEQ, cleaning simulations and determining the best modes and tools for clean science and health measurements.

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