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Save The Date November 9-11, 2011

800 Spring St. NW
Atlanta GA 30308
Phone: 404-347-9440

The Cleaning Industry Research Institute International (CIRI) requests that you “Save the Dates” for its innovative fall science and technology symposium, The event, to be held at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center November 9-11, will focus on profusion and confusion over many new and different types of disinfectants, sanitizers and antimicrobials.


Attention also will be given to innovations in cleaning science and disinfection; federal regulations; how newer technologies are influencing the cleaning industry; and the aspects of cleaning technology that involve reduced-chemical, physical and chemical-free disinfection.


“There is a renewed interest in antibacterial technologies, antimicrobial products, disinfectants and sanitizing cleaners,” says Dr. Steven Spivak, Chair of CIRI ’s Science Advisory Council. “One reason for that is the expanding supply of antimicrobial technologies, which now is up to 15 or 20 different types and methods! Previously, the average cleaner, building service contractor and restorer knew antimicrobials primarily as “quats,” phenolics, alcohol and blends. Today there is an explosion of types, claims and hype regarding all healthy cleaning products, methods, equipment and systems—with or without chemical disinfection.”


The program will attempt to answer questions such as: What are “green disinfectants” and can they be promoted?




CIRI holds a periodic, international research symposium to present, inform and showcase the best in cleaning science, new technology, current research and critiques, plus cutting edge developments in cleaning, facilities maintenance and restoration.


Topics and theme under consideration include possibly a detailed scientific focus on deodorizers, disinfectants and sanitizers. Another theme might be how cleaning science and research is 'translated' and transmitted to the housekeeping, janitorial and custodial personnel - who are the front line. Your suggestions are also welcome...

There have been three recent symposiums, in 2007 at the Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas, Harrah School of Hotel Management. Its main theme was establishing and publishing the fundamentals of cleaning science. In 2008 at the University of Maryland's Inn and Conference Center, with the focus of its invited talks 'making the connections between cleaning science and health.' And in 2011 at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center, focused on the science and research needed to underpin green cleaning, its efficacy, performance, green labeling, impact on health and hygiene, plus their economic and business implications.


Video-taped record of the full presentations, proceedings plus Q&A are available for purchase from CIRI headquarters or via this web site. Short video clips are available to view (to the right).


Also a continuing set of industry media and trade press articles, summarized from our 2007 symposium, have appeared in Cleaning and Maintenance Management (CMM) magazine, courtesy of CIRI and its editorial writers.


Venue for a the symposium has been a university or college campus. This is to accentuate the academic and scientific nature of CIRI presentations; and to provide an academic milieu for the symposium and attendees (in contrast with other industry or trade association meetings, exhibitions  customarily held in hotel or convention centers). Account Registration

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