Cleaning Industry Research Institute

Only Science Can See™

CIRI & IICRC's Restoration Technical Conference & Symposium

April 10-11, Atlanta GA


  • Who: The Journal of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection and the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI).
  • What: A restoration and remediation technical conference and science symposium, featuring top-caliber presentations on cleaning and restoration science.
  • When: April 10-11, 2016
  • Where: The Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.
  • Why: To provide science-based technical information that can be used to develop best practices and to build the technical and scientific knowledgebase of the professional restoration and cleaning industries.

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“Only science can see.”

For the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) it is just that simple.


CIRI’s strong belief in this credo represents a major shift in how the cleaning industry views the future. It also emphasizes the need for high performance cleaning for health, hygiene and appearance.

Evidence shows that cleaning service personnel — no matter how well trained — cannot determine a surface’s cleanliness simply by visually inspecting it. Only science-based cleaning standards can make that determination and CIRI hopes to lead the way in establishing those standards. The Institute is laying the groundwork for developing the basic science for measuring and establishing methods for quantifying clean. A task force has been appointed to assist in these endeavors. Account Registration

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