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Human Survival and The Virus


"The single greatest threat to man’s continued existence on earth is the virus."

- Joshua Ledeberg, Nobel Scientist

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The Cleaning Industry Research Institute International is a not-for-profit scientific, educational, and research organization. It has been involved in the development of the ISSA Clean Standard: K-12 since the very beginning and worked with the leading researchers in the world to develop the training classes and certification program. Individuals certified through this program will be recognized as having met the criteria of an unbiased organization dedicated to improving health in educational structures.

An overwhelming body of evidence shows that cleaning service personnel–no matter how well trained–cannot visually ascertain a surface’s cleanliness. Only science-based cleaning can make that determination. CIRI worked with the ISSA for years, conducting research that led to a new way to evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning schools—the ISSA Clean Standard: K-12.

The training being offered through CIRI to help people understand and implement the processes laid out in the ISSA Clean Standard: K-12 covers every aspect of the new document. Just as important, it provides critical background information about the standard so that training participants understand the broad picture as well as the details. The training is designed to fit the needs of specific segments of the janitorial industry (see back page).




CIRI’s certification program is in compliance with the strict ISSA mandates for organizations offering services connected to the ISSA Clean Standard: K-12. The CIRI certification of various disciplines in the educational cleaning community is already being acknowledged by equipment manufacturers, building service contractors, school districts, and consultants as the program that sets the bar for all others and CIRI is officially licensed to offer such training.

Every CIRI training program provides information on objectively evaluating—and improving, if necessary—current cleaning practices in educational facilities. Recognizing that time is valuable, the courses are short, but packed with real-world tips regarding building assessment, audit procedures, cleaning techniques, and equipment/supply options. Our instructors know what works, and they know how to efficiently communicate that to a diverse audience.

CIRI’s certification was designed with the cleaning industry in mind. After successful completion of the appropriate training, cleaning technicians can receive a customized certificate for as little as $25. Other certification levels are also fairly priced, allowing organizations that are committed to protecting the health of building occupants through better cleaning to publicly demonstrate this dedication at a reasonable cost.







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